Our purpose at Whisper Canyon is to assure your group enjoys a fun, life-shaping experience.


Our Christian camp is located in the beautiful California Central Coast foothills between two delightful lakes, Lake Nacimiento and  San Antonio great for camping with cabins and yurt accommodations. 

About Us

At The Cross

Walk the hill to the cross

  The Mission of Whisper Canyon Christian Camp is to “Impact lives for Christ through exceptional camping experiences.” 

Worship at Dusk


Your group can have exclusive use of Whisper Canyon campgrounds.

Just havin' some fun!


On the 'zip-line', plus much more: 9-square in the air, basketball, horseshoes, baseball, trail-blazing, ping-pong, foosball, cards, board games, Jenga, plus your fun stuff.

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Call Sharon Parks or Mike Goodman at (805) 238-4419 for more information or to book your retreat.

Whisper Canyon Christian Camp

Bradley, California


Overnight Camping Rates

Kitchen and Dining facilities plus hot-shower facilities included